Google Calendar is a free online service that allows you to keep track of all the important upcoming events across the globe. It is very helpful for business people, since they can now plan their schedule ahead of time. In addition, the service also allows you to share your events with friends and family instantly. Google Calendar works on both Mac and PC. Although there are other similar free online calendar services available, Google Calendar stands out in many ways.

How to add Google Calendar on Mac is very simple. One way is to download Google Calendar onto your computer and then follow the instructions offered on the website. Another option is to open the downloaded file and then install it by copying the files to the location where you installed the software. Follow the prompts and you will be able to set up and synchronise your Calendars.

One great feature of this new version is the fact that it shows you all the emails and events from a particular day. You can see who has an event on, when it’s happening and also see the URL of the web page. The feature also enables you to mark off a day, month or year as being done. There are also links to interesting sites such as Wikipedia and weather sites on the Calendar.

One of the benefits of adding Google Calendar on Mac is that all your emails, events, websites and search history will be stored in one place. The interface is clean and does not have many features that you won’t find in other programs. The layout is not very different from the desktop version and there is not a separate login area like the iPhone.

To help you get started, Google has come up with an online tutorial which has been designed to guide you through the process. If you have prior experience using Calibre, this will definitely be a helpful tool. There are also instructional videos and support that are available through the website if you get stuck. There are also a number of ‘shortcuts’ that are listed which should help you if you are having problems.

Although it is a new version, Google Calendar can still be used in conjunction with earlier versions. Because of the significant improvements made in the design of the interface, it will be easier to navigate and you will also have access to all your previous calendars. This is especially useful if you are switching from another program such as Microsoft Outlook. You will be able to organise all your work in one place and view all the events from a single screen.

If you would like more control and customisation, you can find various add on tools that will allow you to do exactly what you need them to. One popular add on is the Google Toolbar. This is a toolbar that contains many different features. Once you install the toolbar, you can customise your settings and make your events appear at the top of your Google calendar. To learn how to add google calendar on Mac, you should check out the section that includes the toolbar.

If you would rather not learn how to add this new tool on your own, a support tech can be hired to do this for you. The support tech would likely need to sign you out of your existing Google account so that you can begin to use this new version of the calendar. This is a relatively simple process and one that can be done by anyone who has basic computer skills.

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